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Cruise ship captain charged with raping victim on deck

September 28, 2021 Comments Off on Cruise ship captain charged with raping victim on deck By admin

A cruise ship captain has been charged with rape after he was accused of forcing a young passenger to perform oral sex on him while she was asleep.

The alleged victim told authorities she had been asleep on a deck chair when the captain grabbed her from behind and raped her.

The victim told investigators she woke up to the sounds of the assault and realized the captain was in bed with another woman on the same deck.

The suspect is being held on $2 million bail.

The incident happened at a yacht in Nova Scotia in September.

The ship was flagged for safety reasons and authorities said they did not think it was at a dangerous level.

The captain, John A. Clements, 48, was suspended with pay from his duties as captain of the Nova Scotia-based Bravada Yachts yacht, which has a passenger-carrying capacity of 2,500.

He was also ordered to perform 30 hours of community service, pay a $10,000 fine and surrender his passport.

The accused is also barred from having contact with the victim.

The Halifax Gazette newspaper reported that the victim told police she woke to the sound of a woman being forced to perform a sexual act.

She told police that she had just gotten off the boat and heard someone screaming in the distance and went to investigate.

She said she saw the captain naked in bed and that she heard a man say to her, “Get off the deck.”

She said the victim tried to move away but he grabbed her again and forced her to perform the sexual act, the paper reported.

The woman told investigators that the captain had been sleeping with a female passenger on a separate deck, which was a safety precaution because the ship was on a restricted area.

She was not in a position to resist the attack, she said.

The accused is being tried in the Nova-Scotia Provincial Court on charges of sexual assault and uttering threats.

He has been suspended with leave from the Nova Sea Club and has been ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

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New Zealand yacht auctions are back for a third year – ABC News

August 8, 2021 Comments Off on New Zealand yacht auctions are back for a third year – ABC News By admin

New Zealand has been rocked by a record number of yacht auctions in 2016, with more than 4,000 yacht auctions taking place this year.

The average sale price for each yacht auction is $1.5 million.

The average sale value for the year was $1 million.

“It’s been a phenomenal year for the auction market in New Zealand,” the country’s Minister of Finance said.

New Zealand is the most expensive country to own a yacht.

It ranks in the top ten of the world’s most expensive countries for yacht owners, and the country also has the world the most high-profile yacht auctions.

Prestige Yachts is a private-equity firm that owns two of the most successful yacht companies in New England, including New Zealand’s largest yacht owner, Bill Gates.

The auction houses are owned by a consortium of investors, and are part of the Private Equity Growth Companies (PEGCs).

The companies have set up the Private Enterprise Advisory Council to provide advice to the Government on the best ways to manage the private sector.

In the past year, the council has warned the Government to adopt a “principled approach” to the private-sector sector, including “investing in new business, new ideas and new ways to grow”.

The group also said that New Zealand was not a market that had a strong “economic future” and that “we need to have a strong and sustainable economic future for the next generation”.

“We need to create jobs and support our economy by investing in our infrastructure, our manufacturing, our research, and in our innovation and innovation in innovation,” it said.

“It is a responsibility of the Government that we are investing in this new economy, this new industry and this new technology.”

The Private Enterprise Council said that it was not clear if New Zealand would be eligible for the World Economic Forum’s 2025-2021 Growth in Action Report.

The group said it was “working with government and industry to explore the possibility of participation in the next edition of the Global Report”.

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Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts of All Time

July 24, 2021 Comments Off on Top 10 Most Expensive Yachts of All Time By admin

When you consider the fact that yacht parties and yachting are not all that common in the U.S., this article might seem a little strange.

However, yacht parties, yachties, and yacht parties are actually quite common in China, and the prices of the boats listed below are all in line with what you can get for under $100,000.

These boats are all from brands like Yachting, which are owned by some of the most prominent Chinese manufacturers in the industry.

The Yachty is the most expensive of the three, and its prices are all up about a quarter of what you would expect.

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