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NYC yacht rental company says it will close down

September 23, 2021 Comments Off on NYC yacht rental company says it will close down By admin

A yacht rental firm in the New York City borough of Queens announced on Tuesday that it would close its doors, in what it called a “crisis of conscience” after a number of women filed complaints over allegations of sexual harassment.

Shaq’s Yacht Rentals, which was founded in 2012 by former NFL quarterback Shaquille O’Neal, has been a fixture in New York for nearly three decades, offering more than 150 boats in the city.

But last year, the company filed for bankruptcy protection, citing a number in its fleet, which included more than half of the world’s largest yacht, the Dory, that had been leased by the company. 

According to a statement issued on Tuesday, the women in question have filed a complaint against the company, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, for alleged “harassment, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, negligent hiring and retention, and violation of the civil rights of employees and customers of the company.” 

According the statement, the companies management has now decided to shut down operations and shut down the business. 

“We sincerely regret the distress this has caused our loyal customers and all of our loyal employees,” the statement read. 

Shaq also announced on Monday that it was closing its New York operations, as well as its headquarters in Brooklyn, and would be relocating to Miami. 

The company is one of several companies that have been sued in recent months over allegations that they hired or promoted women without their consent, a move that has come at the expense of some male executives. 

In August, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission charged that former ESPN executive Jemele Hill was fired for her sexual harassment allegations against Trump adviser Rebekah Mercer.

Mercer, who also served as a co-chair of Trump’s presidential campaign, denied the allegations. 

Last week, a number women came forward to allege that the former executive, Steve Bannon, had forced them to participate in his “manifesto” of the alt-right, a white nationalist movement that espouses a rejection of traditional American values and a focus on racial nationalism. 

On Monday, the New Jersey Superior Court ruled that a sexual harassment lawsuit against Trump was unenforceable. Read more The statement also accused the company of violating New York’s civil rights law by using a “narrow legal definition of sexual misconduct,” citing a “paucity of evidence” in its investigation of alleged incidents of sexual abuse. 

A spokesperson for the company told the New Yorker that it has since been “in communication with all those who have come forward, and we have made a significant commitment to them.”

“We want to apologize to all our customers and their families for any distress caused,” the spokesperson said.

“We understand how difficult it is to navigate these difficult times.

We know that many of our customers are disappointed and feel abandoned by our decision.”

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What does Michael Jordan think about the Chicago Bulls and Kobe Bryant?

July 24, 2021 Comments Off on What does Michael Jordan think about the Chicago Bulls and Kobe Bryant? By admin

What does Kobe Bryant think about all the hoopla around Michael Jordan’s newest project, a yacht?

Kobe Bryant, after all, is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, and he has been playing for a decade now.

But there are questions about how he would handle his own new home, a five-story luxury yacht that was recently named the No. 1 yacht in Chicago, in addition to being named a “Yacht of the Year” award winner in 2012 by the Chicago Boat Club.

Bryant was on hand at the launch event for the yacht last week and said he wanted to share his thoughts with The Sport Bible.

“When I was in the ’70s, I went to a couple of yacht parties,” Bryant said.

“I went to the Golden Knights and I think they were very, very cool, and I went there for a couple years and just wanted to get in a few things, and there were a couple yacht parties that I attended, but I didn’t really go into that much.

I was going to have a few parties at home, so I thought it was going in the right direction, and it turned out to be a very nice experience.”

I’ve been involved in a lot of different ventures, and that’s something I’ve always enjoyed, so that’s one of them, to come up with a new project that I’m going to be involved in.

“What is it?

The yacht, named the Golden Knight, will be built by Chicago-based luxury yacht builder Michael Jordan.

It is the fifth luxury yacht to be built in Chicago and the third in the Midwest, joining the New York-based Gator and the New Orleans-based Roxy.

The yacht will be the first of two new Chicago-area projects this year, the first being the Chicago Cubs’ $100 million addition to a brand new waterfront property on the lakefront near the West Side Highway.

Jordan also plans to add another luxury yacht, the 542-foot yacht, to the Chicago skyline.

The new Chicago project is scheduled to be completed in 2019.

Jordan’s yacht is a unique, state-of-the-art vessel with the largest swimming pool on the East Coast.

It will be a world-class sailing vessel that will be able to carry up to 30 passengers and crew.

The boat is set to break ground in late October, but not before Bryant and his team have spent a year in Chicago to finalize details for the project.

Jordan is also the first to officially join the Chicago team of owners and operators of the boat, which is scheduled for a public opening in the spring of 2020.

The new yacht will serve as a new home for Jordan and his family, which will include his daughter Kourtney and his son, Klay Thompson.

It was also announced that Jordan is buying a home for his family in the city of Los Angeles and plans to purchase a condominium in the West Village.

In addition, the $2.5 million yacht will house a $3.5 billion renovation of the famed Sears Tower in Chicago.

Jordan’s new project is the latest in a string of luxury ventures that have been announced by Bryant over the past two years.

Last year, Bryant sold his yacht, called the Golden Boy, to French company VivaLuxury, which then launched a yacht project in New York.

In November, he launched a $150 million luxury yacht in New Orleans, named The Princess, and plans a $350 million yacht in Los Angeles.

In addition, Bryant announced a $2 billion renovation project for the old Sears Tower at 7 World Trade Center in downtown Chicago.

The project is slated to begin construction in late 2018 and will be completed by 2022.

Follow Kevin O’Connor on Twitter at @kevinoconnor.

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Caribbean Sea Charters to increase to 15,000 vessels and hire 150 new workers

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on Caribbean Sea Charters to increase to 15,000 vessels and hire 150 new workers By admin

Caribbeans largest yacht charter company will increase its fleet to 15 for the first time in more than five years as it adds more staff and diversifies its business.

Caribbean Sea Charities said it will hire 1,000 new workers in the next three months, an increase of about 1,500 over the last six months, according to the company’s website.

The new hires include 15 new pilots, a new chief executive officer and an employee from the Bahamas, the Caribbean nation that has become the largest in the world for charter boat operators.

The Caribbean Sea Charter is owned by a company called Atlantic Coast Charters.

Atlantic Coast, which also operates charter boats from New York to South Carolina, announced plans in April to cut the number of boats and hire 15, with an eye to boosting the number in the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantic Coastal said it plans to hire the same number of people from the United States in the coming months, though it said it has already hired more Americans to fill new positions.

The company said the hires will boost its fleet from 14 to 15 vessels by July.

Atlantic Caribbean said it expects to invest more than $2 million in its operations in the United Kingdom, France and Germany in the near future, and expects to hire additional staff in the Americas in the future.

The firm also said it intends to expand its fleet of vessels from nine to 14 by June 2019.

Caribbean Seas, the company that operates Caribbean Sea, said it also intends to increase the number from 11 to 15 by the end of the year.

Atlantic Charter, a company that has the most vessels in the business, said in a statement that the hiring plan will allow it to continue to focus on its primary mission of operating charter vessels and its high standards of service, safety and reliability.

The charter company is owned and operated by Caribbean Sea Ventures LLC.

The Bahamas’ Atlantic Coast charters were the first to add the new hires.

Atlantic Ocean Charters, the Bahamas’ largest charter boat operator, said its board of directors approved the hiring of new workers.

The Atlantic Coast charter boat fleet has grown by more than 100 percent over the past five years, Atlantic Coast Chief Executive Officer Richard C. Riddle said.

“I am proud of our team and our team’s ability to grow our fleet and grow our revenue,” he said.

Riddles said Atlantic Coast will hire about 200 new workers to help meet its needs for new vessels, with another 150 added by the beginning of 2019.

The addition of new employees to the fleet is an expansion of the charter boat’s existing workforce of about 250 people, Riddle added.

Atlantic, which operates Caribbean and the Bahamas charter boats, said the hiring was a result of a strong return on investment from its Caribbean charter operations, including an increase in profits and net debt of $4.5 million in the last fiscal year.

The $4 billion increase in revenue for Atlantic is due in part to a decrease in the cost of charter boat services and other operating expenses, the Atlantic charter boat owners said.

In 2015, Atlantic said it had to spend $9.2 million on the company to remain competitive with competitors.

The average cost of a charter boat service in the Bahamas is $1,600 per person, according the Bahamas Tourism Department.

Atlantic and Caribbean Sea said in an email that they have been expanding their services to offer a wide range of services to Caribbean passengers and passengers from other Caribbean nations.

In 2017, the three Caribbean Sea charters had more than 3,000 passengers on board.

Atlantic said its Caribbean fleet is the most successful in the industry.

Atlantic Sea Charter has also expanded its operations to the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, according.

Atlantic has a fleet of nearly 15,600 vessels.

In 2018, the firm said its fleet grew to more than 15,500 vessels, and Atlantic said that it was adding to its charter boat portfolio.

Atlantic’s business model is based on the idea that passengers come to Caribbean destinations and then book a charter to be transported to the destination.

A passenger pays a fee for the charter and then receives a voucher that gives them access to amenities such as access to a private room and a complimentary food buffet.

The passenger then picks up their trip at the destination, the operator said.

The operator said Atlantic has been the largest operator in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Caribbean islands.

Atlantic Charters operates more than 1,200 charter vessels in nine countries, including the Bahamas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Atlantic also operates the Gulf Coast Charities in the U, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, which operate charters in the islands.

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