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Why David Geffen’s yacht charter company lost millions on the Titanic

July 5, 2021 Comments Off on Why David Geffen’s yacht charter company lost millions on the Titanic By admin

David Geffmans yacht club has spent more than $500 million on charter boats for the last four decades, according to documents leaked by a former company executive.

But the former executive who took over the charter company in 2014 told the Miami Herald that the company never received a penny of the money.

The former CEO, Dan Bilzerian, told the Herald that he is not the owner of the yacht club and has no control over the operation.

In addition, he said, he did not know that the club had a charter on the famous cruise liner that sank during World War II.

The club’s president, Peter Cerrone, told Miami’s WPLG that he had no knowledge of the charter.

Cerrones former chief executive, Richard Pino, also said he did no part in the company’s chartering.

The Herald found that more than a quarter of the $5.8 million the yacht charter club had raised in the first five years of operation was not earmarked for its charter boat program.

Instead, the money went to the club’s general fund.

According to the documents obtained by the Herald, the club was supposed to pay off its $10 million charter loan within a year, but only raised about $400,000 from March 2016 to June 2017.

The documents show that the money did not go toward chartering the boat, but instead went toward a loan for a private yacht that was owned by the club.

The company did not respond to a request for comment.

The yacht club’s financial troubles are the latest chapter in the clubs past financial troubles.

According the company, it did not receive a charter loan for its own boat until late in 2016.

That same year, the yacht and charter club was facing a $10,000,000 federal tax bill.

The federal government had been investigating the club for a year when it closed in February.

The IRS, the IRS, and the Justice Department all began investigating the yacht as part of the investigation into the tax evasion scandal.

The tax-evasion scandal has been a major focus of the Trump campaign.

The investigation has been ongoing for nearly a year.

The new allegations about the charter show that some of the funds that the yacht company raised may not have been properly earmarked.

It also raises questions about whether the club could have used the funds for its other charter boat operation, the private yacht, which was not involved in the tax-exempt investigation.

The money raised for the charter boat loan was to cover the costs of the club and its private yacht.

The private yacht had not been operating at the time of the alleged tax fraud, according a company statement, but was purchased by the charter club in 2017.

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