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Temptation sales launch a $10 million auction to raise money for earthquake relief

August 25, 2021 Comments Off on Temptation sales launch a $10 million auction to raise money for earthquake relief By admin

The sale of the yacht, the yacht Club Jef, and a few other properties, including the yacht Baymax, will be auctioned off for $10M to help the Florida Keys earthquake relief efforts.

The yacht Club Tempt, which was built in 1929, has sold in the past for about $5M.

The yacht ClubJef, which is owned by Jeff Bezos, was sold in 2017 for $7.7M, according to Forbes.

The auction of the rest of the properties was also planned, but they have been postponed for now due to Hurricane Irma.

Auctioneer Chris Goss, who is handling the sale, said in a statement that he was excited to be working on the sale of these properties, which are part of a larger collection of historical items.

“The sale is a great opportunity to show the world what the Miami area has to offer,” Goss said.

“I look forward to working with a great group of people, the Miami Marlins, and the Florida Keyes community to help support the recovery effort.”

The sale will benefit the Miami-Dade County Emergency Management Agency, according the statement.

A portion of proceeds will be used to provide aid to the communities impacted by the disaster, including Hurricane Irma, the agency said.

The sale includes several historic items, including two of the most famous boats in the world, the Tempt and the Baymax.

The Tempt is an 8,500-foot yacht that was built by the British sailing company, Teddington, and was used in the 1922 World’s Fair in New York.

The Baymax is an 11,000-foot luxury yacht built in the 1920s by the French firm Dixmude, owned by French billionaire Louis Dreyfus.

The boat is owned and operated by the New York City department of transportation, and is a symbol of the city’s recovery after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

The proceeds from the sale will go to Florida Keys Emergency Management.

In 2018, a similar sale was planned for the club.

The Tempt will go on display at the Miami International Convention Center, and Baymax will be displayed at the South Florida Museum of Art.

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