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What the real price of an all-electric yacht might be, from the UK to Argentina

July 28, 2021 Comments Off on What the real price of an all-electric yacht might be, from the UK to Argentina By admin

It has been reported that the real cost of a luxury yacht has increased dramatically.

The average price of a £1,300-a-week boat in the UK was £1.65m in February 2018.

This was up from £1m in May 2018, according to the UK-based yacht and boat surveyor BYSS.

The rise in price is mainly due to a fall in the number of boats sold each year, the surveyor said.

But a big factor behind this rise is that the number and cost of luxury yachting boats has increased exponentially in recent years.

The number of luxury boats in the world is estimated to be between 150,000 and 200,000.

While there are many factors behind this increase, including the economic crisis, the trend towards luxury yacht sales has been particularly dramatic.

“We estimate that since the year 2000, the number has increased by an additional 10 per cent per year,” the surveyors report.

The total number of boat sales in the luxury boat category increased by 60 per cent over the same period, from around 20,000 to 30,000 per year.

“This is a direct result of the recession, with the number in the industry falling by 20 per cent in real terms,” the BYBS surveyor added.

However, the price of luxury yacht boats has also risen dramatically over the past few years.

According to BYB, the average price for a £400,000 luxury yacht in the last 12 months was £4.2m.

However the average selling price for the same yacht in 2016 was just £3.3m.

“It’s worth noting that the average UK yacht is selling for around £8m a year, whereas the average yacht sold in Argentina in 2016 and 2017 were around £12m,” the report concluded.

However this increase in luxury yacht sales is due to the economic downturn and the fall in demand.

“In a similar vein, a £50m yacht is not much more expensive than a £60m yacht,” the authors said.

“The fact that many of the boats are priced lower than that is also reflected in the fall.”

However, while the average boat sale in the US has fallen in recent months, the US average price is still around $4.5m, according the yacht surveyor.

“However, a yacht can sell for £20m or more in the United States,” the study concluded.

“While the majority of these boats are purchased by the wealthy, the wealthy also buy luxury yaches.

The wealthy in the U.S. buy their yacht through an offshore company that is often a limited liability company (LLC) that has a relatively small ownership stake.

The owner of the yacht is typically the largest shareholder in the LLC, and the majority (83 per cent) of the owner’s wealth is in the yacht.”

The UK yacht industry has suffered a number of downturns, with a number falling off the market, including BYS, which lost a record £9m last year.

The BYES surveyors noted that the downturns in the British luxury yacht industry had “been particularly detrimental to the British yacht industry”.

However, in the past, the industry has been able to recover in the current economic environment.

“There are many reasons why the British market has been more resilient than the United Kingdom, but mainly the fact that the economy has been resilient,” the research group said.

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