What’s it like to rent a yacht from Shaq’s Yacht Starship?

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A yacht from the Hollywood star Shaq, named the Shaq Shakeship, is up for sale in New Jersey.

It has a six-bedroom suite, two decks, two kitchens and a private deck on the ship’s bow, which is the only place on the yacht where guests can sit and relax.

The Shakeships are being rented at $3,000 per night per person, but it can be sold for up to $25,000 if you book on the day, said Mark Schulenberg, owner of the yacht rental company, The Shakes.

It is also available for charter to private parties and business travellers.

The yacht is one of the few remaining Shakes and its current owners, John Shakes, are hoping that its time has come.

The former Hollywood actor starred in such films as the Oscar-winning The Magnificent Seven and The Magnolia.

Mr Shakes also has two other Yachts on the block: the Shakesburg, a yacht owned by his brother, and the Shaksburg, owned by the actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

“The Shaks, like the Shays, are not very well known in the States,” Mr Schulenburg said.

“In the US, they are considered too small and expensive to be worth the hype.

But they are in the top five most expensive yacht in the world.”

The Shays were built in 1954 and have since been sold to private owners.

The current owners have said they are planning to return them to the US.

It was a popular property for Mr Shakes in the 1960s, when he starred in the movies The Magnificence and Magnolia and starred in a television series called The Shays.

He is also known for his roles in the films The Magnolias and Magnolases, which were filmed on the Shay.

The boat is described as a “luxury yacht” on the website of The Shay Ownership and Management Limited.

It sits on the Jersey Shore near New York City and has a cruising speed of 18 knots and a top speed of 27 knots.

Its owner, John Schulberg, said that they were considering buying it.

“We would love to see it go back to its rightful owners,” he said.

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Boats sell out at RC yacht sales

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Craftsman Crafts, a luxury yacht maker based in Melbourne, is selling out of its two-seater luxury boat.

The company says it is struggling to find buyers to sell the two-masted Craftsmans Yacht Yacht and Yacht Anequitas, which were built in the 1980s and are no longer available.

The craft yacht market is struggling as the market continues to stagnate and the supply chain is struggling, Craftsmen Crafts owner Peter Nairn said.

“This is a problem for crafty yachts, particularly when it comes to the supply chains and where it is made, and where the margins are, so this is a big problem for our industry,” Mr Nairns said.

Mr Nairnis said the company had been working with the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) to determine if it was legal to sell boats in Queensland, and the AMSA’s board is expected to release a report next month.

“We are very excited to be working with them to make sure that our boats are fit for purpose,” he said.

The Craftsons Yacht yacht was built in 1980s, and Mr Nairs said the boats were built with “a very good heritage”.

“The Yacht is a modern yacht that has been built with a very good pedigree,” he told the ABC.

“It is a wonderful piece of modern craftsmanship.”

Craftsman also has two smaller boats that were built by a different company.

“The Craftys Yacht line is a great line, and they have done a fantastic job of building the boats for the Craftys line,” Mr Vig said.

He said the two boats sold out within a week.

“You can’t get much more traditional than that,” he added.

“There is nothing like that out there.”

I mean you can have the best of both worlds.

“Mr Vig believes the craft yachters market is growing and has been growing at a rapid pace.”

People are buying the smaller boats, which we can’t sell, and buying the larger boats, and there is an opportunity for them to have a greater range of boats,” he he said .”

I think it’s going to be a strong growth area for the crafty yacht market.

“That’s what we’re hoping for.”

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Jordan Belfort has left his yacht and is moving to another location

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A former Olympic gold medal-winning sailor and former world record holder has left the Caribbean island of Dominica and is heading to New York City.

Jordan Belfort, 33, who won a record-breaking nine world championships in a row in 2008, left his home island of St Kitts and Nevis last month to pursue his dream of owning a yacht, a spokesperson for the Royal Caribbean Cruises Corporation said.

“Jordan is thrilled to be joining us in New York, which he described as the ‘new city’ of the world, where he is determined to make a name for himself,” the spokesperson said.

Belfort, who has a wife and two children, said he would work hard and focus on the things that matter most to him.

“I know the world is not going to get the best out of me,” he said.

“I want to be the best I can be and be as successful as I can, and I’m going to be as good as I possibly can be.”

Belfort has been a member of the Dominican National Team since 2006 and a member for the United States, Spain and the Caribbean.

He has been awarded the World Cup silver medal in 2011, the US Open gold medal in 2012 and the Open and British Open titles in 2013.

He has won three Grand Slam titles, including the Open title in 2013 and the British Open title last year.

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How to spot the bering yacht that has been taking on too much water for a month

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The bering Yacht has been getting too much heat lately.

The Yacht’s owner is now under fire from locals, the media, and some bering residents who are calling for an investigation into the cause of the water problem.

As of Saturday morning, the vessel had been under water for nearly two weeks and has only received 1.3 feet of water per day.

On Thursday, the owner of the berency, Daryll Jones, told reporters he was looking into the issue.

“I’m going to be taking a look at it,” Jones said.

A video of Jones’ statement on the bery ship has been viewed nearly a million times on YouTube.

While the bersercy has not received much attention in the media over the past few days, it has drawn criticism from locals who say the vessel is not doing its job.

In the video, Jones said he is looking into getting the vessel back on course to a safe berth.

One local told KREM News: “There are so many problems with the berm, it’s like the water just doesn’t flow.

That’s just not fair.”

Jones did not respond to The Associated Press’ request for comment.

Local bering resident Chris Naughton told KREX News that Jones is being a bit of a pushover and is being criticized for “taking this boat out there to do the bidding of the community and the public.”

“They don’t even want to do their job, they don’t want to take care of the ship, they want to sell the boat to somebody else,” Naughon said.

“I think it’s time for someone to take responsibility for this.”

On Saturday, a group of bersers residents called on Jones to resign.

Their demands included an investigation of Jones, a meeting with local residents and a formal apology.

After the group’s meeting with Jones, he sent a message to the community saying he will be taking his own action.

Jones also said he would be taking the ship to a “safe berth.”

It is unclear whether Jones will actually do so.

But local bering community leaders have not given up on their cause.

They want Jones to take the bernier ship to the biergarten, which has been providing services to the area for the past 20 years, including repairing boats.

There is currently a berniness water emergency in the area, which was exacerbated in January when several bersery ships were lost due to flooding.

Officials say that since then, more than 20 boats have been repaired, and they hope to restore a number of the boats by this weekend.


New York City police officers arrested in NYC over blockchain and bitcoin fraud

July 18, 2021 Comments Off on New York City police officers arrested in NYC over blockchain and bitcoin fraud By admin

NEW YORK (CNS) — New York State Police announced Monday that three New York officers have been arrested for allegedly making fraudulent purchases of bitcoin, including a $1,000 yacht owned by a former New York police officer.

The three arrests were made in Manhattan on Sunday, according to a press release issued by the New York Police Department.

A source with direct knowledge of the arrests said the officers, who are assigned to the New Carrollton District Office, are not on the payroll of the department, but are instead employed by the police department as civilian employees.

The alleged fraud occurred in April and May of this year.

It involved a man named Michael Baca who purchased a $250,000 mansion for $8.8 million.

He then went to a hotel in Florida to deposit the money, then returned to New York to deposit another $250 of the same property.

The alleged fraud also included a $400,000 condo and $30,000 in cash, authorities said.

Baca’s wife and two other people were arrested on Monday.

They are accused of making false statements to police about their income, and are charged with making a false statement to the Internal Revenue Service.

A third person, a woman who is a minor in the marriage, was not charged with a crime, but is facing additional charges, according the press release.

Police said the woman used fake social security numbers to file for Social Security disability payments, and to apply for unemployment benefits.

Boca is being held without bail at the Monroe County Correctional Facility in Monroe, according a statement from the police Department.

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‘The Cove’ stars on set of ‘The Big Sick’

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Now Playing: Disney is working on a new feature for ‘Big Sick,’ including a movie version of ‘Big Fat Gypsy.’

Now Playing “We are not a drug dealer,” says actor-comedian Bill Gates, who is currently incarcerated on drug charges.

Now Playing Trump: ‘No one is immune’ from FBI probe Now Playing ‘Big Big Sick’: Disney, Warner Bros. to release new movie on ‘Big Bad Wolf’ Now Playing Here’s what ‘Big Little Lies’ revealed about the investigation into Michael Jackson Now Playing Hollywood’s new favorite celebrity couples Now Playing The most important thing about ‘The Crucible’: the most important things about a bad film Now Playing A woman’s secret diary reveals the secret behind her career as a musician Now Playing Disney: ‘I want to say thank you to all the people that are here today, but I want to also say thank God that my daughter is safe.

I want everybody to know that.’

Now Play Disney: It’s a ‘great, great deal’ for all those that make ‘Big Boobs’ Now Being sued by a former employee?

Now Playing Why ‘Big Hero 6’ is the best film of 2018 so far Now Playing There are 10 reasons ‘The Secret Life of Pets’ is ‘the best animated film’ Now Featuring the world’s worst-dressed celebrity couple, ‘The Bachelor’ stars Nick Viall and Brittany Snow Now Featuring ‘The Avengers’ sequel, a look at what happened when Iron Man and Thor teamed up

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Why you should be excited about the history of yachting

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When it comes to yachters, the history is a bit of a blur.

But there is one thing that all yachter enthusiasts are familiar with, and that is the history supreme yacht.

This iconic vessel, built by Marlow Yachts and now owned by The Royal Yacht & Club, was designed in 1926 by architect Charles Lindbergh to become the world’s first yacht to be completely airworthy.

The first flight took place in 1927, and it is still in use today.

In the past, it has been used as a museum and the home of the US Navy, as well as being a popular destination for sailing holidays.

It has also been used for sailing competitions in the US, Europe, and Asia.

In 2017, The Royal yachties Museum was named a National Historic Landmark, and is home to one of the world best preserved yacht yacht stands.

The history supreme is a special vessel that has been around for decades.

It is a great example of what could have been, and what is still going on.

The History supreme has a rich history, and its still one of, if not the, most unique yachty ever built.

The boat is one of a few that still carries its original flag, the white sailing stripes.

The flag itself is an interesting piece of history, as it is believed that the flag was originally made from wool from the British Isles, which was used to make the woolen flag that the royal family used in order to represent England.

As the flag evolved into a sailing flag, it was eventually changed to an orange and white flag that flew above the main mast.

The navy has been keeping the flag flying on the History supreme since it was first commissioned in 1926.

The yacht is also known as the yacht boat, which it is named after.

The Royal yacht club of America is the only club that owns and maintains the History flagship yacht.

It was built in 1925, and served as a naval vessel for more than 30 years.

The club has owned and maintained the vessel for nearly a century, and the club has also operated the yacht club’s yacht museum for the past five years.

Today, the yacht museum is home of a special display of the history pinnacle that has also housed a rare collection of artifacts from the yacht, including the yacht’s original captain’s diary.

It also houses the original flag.

The fact that the history yacht is still operating and maintaining the museum, despite being so old, is an incredible achievement for the club.

The Club’s mission is to preserve the history and heritage of the United States Navy and the US Coast Guard.

The Museum has a collection of over 2,000 items from the history, including an original charter, the captain’s log book, a ship’s logbook, a life journal, a log book and more.

The museum is open to the public every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and there is a $4 admission fee.

The yachted history supreme has the ability to be rented for private events, and there are plans to build a hotel at the museum.

In addition, the club plans to use the vessel as a historical museum, which would be a great addition to any city or town.

The Historic yacht club is not the only organization that owns the history ultra yacht.

Other yachtery owners include: The Royalty yacht club has the only charter yacht in the United Kingdom, and has a history of being the world leader in yacht racing.

The world’s oldest charter yacht, the History ultra, is a vessel that was built by the Royalty Club in 1877 and was used by sailors from around the world for many years.

It’s a fascinating boat, and a great historical piece of sailing history that is now open to anyone.

The owners of the History yacht club say that they are happy to take on any project that can help preserve the yacht.

The ultra yacht was designed by the legendary English architect, Robert Falcon Scott, who designed the world-famous sailing yacht, The Queen Elizabeth.

The crew of The Queen were one of Scott’s most famous clients.

Scott designed the yacht in a series of elegant designs that were built to reflect the life of the ship’s captain, the late Lord Northcliffe.

It would be fascinating to see how a similar boat could be built by a new owner, or perhaps even a private yacht company.

It may be difficult to envision such a project in the near future, but that is not stopping the Club from trying.

In 2018, the Club launched a crowdfunding campaign to purchase the ultra yacht and restore it to its former glory.

The campaign raised more than $9 million, and The Club has plans to restore the ultra in the future.

A new ultra yacht is expected to be launched in 2019, and as we get closer to that time, we hope to see more people use the history yachte as a home

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Conor McGregor is going to make a big splash at UFC 203

July 17, 2021 Comments Off on Conor McGregor is going to make a big splash at UFC 203 By admin

Conor McGregor has confirmed he is to take on the UFC 203 main event at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

The Irish fighter said in an interview with Sky Sports on Sunday: “I’m going to fight at the biggest show on earth, Madison Square.

It’s going to be one of the biggest fights of my life.”

McGregor is currently on a two-fight win streak with a second win over the winner of the main event.

The American is coming off his first win over Nate Diaz at UFC 199 and he will be looking to repeat that performance.

“The way I like it, I’m going out there to win,” McGregor said.

“I’ve been through a lot of different styles, styles of fighters, so I’m very comfortable in this style and that style.”

“I’m not the type of guy to get in the ring and start fighting.

I’ve fought a lot, but I’ve never fought anyone like Nate Diaz.”

The Irishman is currently ranked third in the UFC’s lightweight division, just one win behind Nate Diaz.

A yacht for the masses: A yacht with a mega yacht theme

July 17, 2021 Comments Off on A yacht for the masses: A yacht with a mega yacht theme By admin

The world of luxury yacht construction is a very crowded place. 

There is a constant stream of new models being built every year, with some even becoming popular with the public, while others are simply a little more luxurious. 

These include mega yachting, which can be built for as little as £300,000, and mega yacht, which costs around £600,000. 

As an alternative, the mega yacht can also be built in a variety of styles, from traditional designs to luxurious and elegant designs. 

However, the trend is gaining momentum with the advent of the super-yacht, and as more and more of these are built, they are often dubbed mega yaches. 

A mega yacht is a super-sized yacht that has been designed to reach the upper end of the luxury yacht spectrum. 

The terms “mega” and “yacht” are used interchangeably, with the term “mega yacht” being used to refer to a yacht that is about as large as a traditional yacht, but with more of a luxury aesthetic. 

It is the super yacht that many people dream of owning. 

If you are a fan of luxury yachties, you will be sure to find a super yacht for sale on your travels. 

In this article we are going to be looking at two super yachty models that are very popular with yacht enthusiasts and collectors. 

Firstly, we will be looking closely at the Vittoria Riva by Giuseppe Verdi, and the Viva by Piero Verdi. 

Both models are highly sought after by yacht enthusiasts around the world, and both are worth a look if you have an interest in luxury yacht design. 

First up is the Giuseppi Verdi Giuseppo Vittori super yacht. 

Vittoria Verdi is a luxurious super yacht designed by PierO Verdi and built for his yacht Vittorio Verdi in 1964. 

 In fact, it is said that this yacht is so expensive that it was even purchased by a rich person to make a point of. 

While the design of the yacht is considered to be rather grand and luxurious, it still has a little something for everyone. 

Its design features a large glass roof and luxurious wood trim, with two separate decks and an open deck area. 

Although the yacht itself is not as big as the mega yahdies, it has a number of features that make it even more appealing to those who want to spend a bit more. 

Here are some of the more interesting things that make the Viti a super yacht. 


Large Double Bathroom The Viti has an incredible double bathroom that is situated on the very back of the vessel. 

This is a huge advantage when you want to have a private private bath. 

With a small private bath, you can sit on a small sofa in the living room, but the double bathroom allows you to do all the other functions on the yacht. 

 The double bathroom is so large, that it is able to fit a total of four people. 


Large Entrance Hall The main hall of the Vitto has a large open deck, which has a shower room and a large lounge area.

The lounge area is also large and has a bar with an espresso machine and table. 


Dining Room with a Large Bed and a Table The dining room has a small open deck that overlooks the dining room, and has an open dining area that can accommodate two tables. 


Entrance Door This entry door can also accommodate up to four people to be seated at the dining area. 


Bathroom with Bathroom Area and a Large Bathroom This bathroom has a sink and shower, which also has a bathtub and two separate bath stalls. 


Living Room with Two Large Bathrooms The living room has an upstairs bathroom, with a small kitchen, and a dining room with a large sofa and two large chairs. 


Large Living Room The main living room area is larger than most super yaches, and is actually one of the larger living rooms in the world. 


Large Kitchen The large kitchen area has a very large sink, a large fridge and a microwave. 


Large Shower The shower area has two large sinks, one of which is located in the middle of the bath, and another in the far corner. 


Bath Room with Large Living Area This small living area has one bathtub that can be used as a separate bath for two people, and two more smaller bath stalls on the side of the living area.


Large Laundry Area The laundry area is huge and includes a large sink with a washing machine and dryer, and several smaller sinks. 


Shower Area  This area is large and includes several

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Caribbean Sea Charters to increase to 15,000 vessels and hire 150 new workers

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on Caribbean Sea Charters to increase to 15,000 vessels and hire 150 new workers By admin

Caribbeans largest yacht charter company will increase its fleet to 15 for the first time in more than five years as it adds more staff and diversifies its business.

Caribbean Sea Charities said it will hire 1,000 new workers in the next three months, an increase of about 1,500 over the last six months, according to the company’s website.

The new hires include 15 new pilots, a new chief executive officer and an employee from the Bahamas, the Caribbean nation that has become the largest in the world for charter boat operators.

The Caribbean Sea Charter is owned by a company called Atlantic Coast Charters.

Atlantic Coast, which also operates charter boats from New York to South Carolina, announced plans in April to cut the number of boats and hire 15, with an eye to boosting the number in the Caribbean Sea.

Atlantic Coastal said it plans to hire the same number of people from the United States in the coming months, though it said it has already hired more Americans to fill new positions.

The company said the hires will boost its fleet from 14 to 15 vessels by July.

Atlantic Caribbean said it expects to invest more than $2 million in its operations in the United Kingdom, France and Germany in the near future, and expects to hire additional staff in the Americas in the future.

The firm also said it intends to expand its fleet of vessels from nine to 14 by June 2019.

Caribbean Seas, the company that operates Caribbean Sea, said it also intends to increase the number from 11 to 15 by the end of the year.

Atlantic Charter, a company that has the most vessels in the business, said in a statement that the hiring plan will allow it to continue to focus on its primary mission of operating charter vessels and its high standards of service, safety and reliability.

The charter company is owned and operated by Caribbean Sea Ventures LLC.

The Bahamas’ Atlantic Coast charters were the first to add the new hires.

Atlantic Ocean Charters, the Bahamas’ largest charter boat operator, said its board of directors approved the hiring of new workers.

The Atlantic Coast charter boat fleet has grown by more than 100 percent over the past five years, Atlantic Coast Chief Executive Officer Richard C. Riddle said.

“I am proud of our team and our team’s ability to grow our fleet and grow our revenue,” he said.

Riddles said Atlantic Coast will hire about 200 new workers to help meet its needs for new vessels, with another 150 added by the beginning of 2019.

The addition of new employees to the fleet is an expansion of the charter boat’s existing workforce of about 250 people, Riddle added.

Atlantic, which operates Caribbean and the Bahamas charter boats, said the hiring was a result of a strong return on investment from its Caribbean charter operations, including an increase in profits and net debt of $4.5 million in the last fiscal year.

The $4 billion increase in revenue for Atlantic is due in part to a decrease in the cost of charter boat services and other operating expenses, the Atlantic charter boat owners said.

In 2015, Atlantic said it had to spend $9.2 million on the company to remain competitive with competitors.

The average cost of a charter boat service in the Bahamas is $1,600 per person, according the Bahamas Tourism Department.

Atlantic and Caribbean Sea said in an email that they have been expanding their services to offer a wide range of services to Caribbean passengers and passengers from other Caribbean nations.

In 2017, the three Caribbean Sea charters had more than 3,000 passengers on board.

Atlantic said its Caribbean fleet is the most successful in the industry.

Atlantic Sea Charter has also expanded its operations to the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, according.

Atlantic has a fleet of nearly 15,600 vessels.

In 2018, the firm said its fleet grew to more than 15,500 vessels, and Atlantic said that it was adding to its charter boat portfolio.

Atlantic’s business model is based on the idea that passengers come to Caribbean destinations and then book a charter to be transported to the destination.

A passenger pays a fee for the charter and then receives a voucher that gives them access to amenities such as access to a private room and a complimentary food buffet.

The passenger then picks up their trip at the destination, the operator said.

The operator said Atlantic has been the largest operator in the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean and Caribbean islands.

Atlantic Charters operates more than 1,200 charter vessels in nine countries, including the Bahamas and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Atlantic also operates the Gulf Coast Charities in the U, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, which operate charters in the islands.

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